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Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has an active interest in Turnkey Wind Energy Power Projects, our capabilities extending from Concept to Commissioning. The company has complete technical, financial and managerial capacity to execute these projects to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.

Wind Energy is one of the important non-polluting renewable sources of energy, which can substantially contribute to Power Generation to meet ever-increasing demand for electricity. Wind Power Generation essentially harnesses energy from wind and converts it to useful Electrical Energy through Wind Turbines.

MOHAN specialises in the feasibility study, Site Selection, Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement of all Material, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Wind Mills. This single source responsibility guarantees uninterrupted performance of the entire System.


Our product range includes Wind Turbines (225 KW to 600 KW) in both types, Fixed Speed Wind Turbines and Variable Speed Wind Turbines.

MOHAN undertakes Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Field Testing of Wind Turbines on Turnkey basis as single responsibility.

In addition to electrical and mechanical equipment, MOHAN also has the ability to take a green field site, perform a feasibility study, do the survey, design the civil structures and physically execute the civil work. This is the last square to our single window of opportunity. MOHAN is executing turnkey projects against great adversity, at sites in remote and far reaching areas of various countries the world over.

Mohan Energy Corporation controls a well organized design department managed by highly qualified managers, engineers, some of them trained overseas. It is also equipped with the latest technical literature and standard design and material. Inspection and quality control jobs are carried out using proven procedures, qualified welders and under the able supervision of trained staff and stringent Inspection and Quality Control set up at all stages. All our Equipments are from ISO 9001 certified organisation.

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