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Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt. Ltd. undertakes MV, HV and EHV Substation Projects. The company has in-house capability in technical, financial and project management to execute these projects to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.

Mohan Energy Corporation provides services to match the requirement of the customer in the following areas:

  • Site Survey: Survey of area and calculation of load bearing capacity, soil resistivity and other soil data.
  • Preparation of Single line Diagram: To suit customer's requirements.
  • Substation Design consisting of:
    • Substation Layouts
    • Earthing design with elementary layout
    • Calculation of short circuit forces
    • Preparation of sag tension charts
    • Lightening protection design
    • Illumination design
    • Battery and charger sizing
    • Cable trench sizing with cable trench layouts
    • Control and protection schemes
    • Structure design
    • Substation Building designs
  • The lay out diagram is prepared taking into consideration the topographical conditions
  • Drawing up of Bill of Material and Equipment Specification
  • Procurement of material: Mohan Energy Corporation provides procurement services for all substation equipment including coordinating factory inspection for all items including:
    • Power Transformers
    • Switch Gear ( HV, MV & LV)
    • Isolators
    • Lightning Arrestors
    • Instrument transformers
    • Control & Protection Systems
    • Conductors
    • Power Cables, Control Cables and accessories
    • Fire Fighting Equipment
    • Batteries and Battery Charger Panels
    • Lighting Equipment
    • Auxiliary supply transformers
    • DC/AC distribution Boards
    • Capacitor Banks
    • Reactors
    • Sub Station automation/SCADA system
    • Gantries and support structures
    • Bus bar Material
    • Earthing Material
    • Air conditioning and Ventilation system
  • Installation and commissioning of substation on Turnkey Basis
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