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Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt Ltd. has been working for last 15 years in the Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Power Generation Equipments and Auxiliaries. The company possesses technical, financial and managerial capacity to supply and install these equipments & auxiliaries to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. The company executes such projects in association with the factories who are also well qualified and reputed companies in their respective fields.

The major equipments for Power Generation offered by Mohan Energy Corporation are:


Our range includes steam boilers upto a Capacity of 250 Tonnes per Hour, Pressure of 135 kg/cm2(g) and temperature of 540 deg.C. The fuels used may be solid(coal, lignite, biomass, agrowaste), liquid(oil) or gaseous(natural gas) as per requirement of the buyer. The scope includes design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of industrial boilers for power generation as per International/ASME codes. Our range includes:

  • BOILER AUXILIARIES: The boiler auxiliaries being offered by us includes:
    • Boiler Feed Water Pumps
    • Deaerators
    • Fans
    • Valves
    • Sootblowers
    • Refractory & Insulation
    • Airheater

Mohan offers steam turbines for power generation solutions available as back-pressure or condensing turbines for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Independent power producers and utility power stations
  • Turbine retrofits
  • Mechanical drive installations

The factories have the capability to design, manufacture and commission steam turbines of up to 50 MW rating. Steam Turbines are manufactured under stringent quality control, covering the whole range of requirements for Drive, Cogeneration, Captive Power, Utility and Combined Cycle applications. The factories are fully equipped to provide comprehensive service to clients covering system engineering, equipment design, and turnkey erection and commissioning. Rugged in their designs, with the rotor supported on 2 bearings, the turbines conform to stringent standards of API, BS, NEMA and other specific and standards /specifications.


The water to be fed into a boiler for generation of steam has to be free from all kinds of impurities and chemicals,hence the need for Demineralisation Water Treatment Plant. We offer a wide range of DM Water Plants primarily to remove minerals, silica , carbon dioxide etc. from the water prior to feeding into the boiler. MEC alongwith its associates offer automatic PLC based Demineralisation Plants consisting of Activated Carbon Filter, Two bed / Three bed Deionisers and Neutralisation systems for use in power plants. Alternately, we can offer Reverse Osmosis System as well as per buyer's requirement.


MEC offers broadest range of cooling towers designed specifically for rigorous duty encountered in producing electricity in thermal power plants. A continuous research and development programme matches customer requirements with the best materials and techniques including environmental compatibility, closer evaluation of energy cost and changing availability of basic material.


MEC and its associates have the capability to deliver a fully integrated I&C (Instrumentation and Control) system for power plant application. Utilizing the innovative products, then modifying them to perform at their optimal in power plant and water applications MEC creates advanced systems that ensure safety, reliability and economical performance of the plant facilities.

  • Instrumentation
    • Analytical Instruments
    • Analytical Solutions
    • Actuators & Positioners
    • Flow Measurement
    • Interface Products
    • Pressure & Level Measurement
    • Process Control Products 
    • Recorders & Indicators 
    • Temperature Measurement
  • Distributed Control Systems: For automatic control of the entire power plant from a single room, MEC offers system integration in the form of DCS (Distributed Control System).


MEC, backed by a strong team of site engineers, has the capability and expertise to provide the services for erection, testing and commissioning of equipments for power generation.

Erection of different equipments for power generation is carried out using various specialised equipments such as cranes, winches, pulleys, chains, etc.

Testing and commissioning of equipments includes pre commissioning checks, tests and commissioning of boiler, turbine and other auxiliaries for the power generation unit.

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