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Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt. Ltd. undertakes turnkey High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Transmission Line projects. The company has in-house technical, financial and managerial capability to execute these projects to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.

The various activities involved in Turnkey Transmission projects are:
  • Site Survey: This includes detailed line survey, longitudinal profiles, route maps, spotting of towers, marking of tower locations, checking of distances between the towers etc.

  • Soil Investigation: This includes mobilization and shifting of all equipments, standard penetration tests, taking samples, delivery and storage of samples, laboratory tests, preparation of geotechnical report etc.

  • Laying of Access roads: Tree cutting for transportation of material and equipments at tower locations.

  • Foundations: Foundation designing depending on the soil properties, form work, concreting, reinforcement, tower earthing, corrosion protection, foundation testing etc.

  • Tower Design: Designing of various types of towers, preparation of Sag Tension Charts, Tower Loadings, Tower analysis & designing, Optimization of weights etc. Preparation of Structural & Shop Drawings.

  • Tower Testing: Full load / Destruction Testing of each type of tower.
  • Tower Manufacturing: Fabrication and hot dip galvanizing of towers.
  • Mobilization of Manpower & Equipments: Such as excavators, rock drilling machines, Tower erection tools, Mobile cranes, Tension stringing equipments, rollers, pilot wires, vehicles, walkie–talkie sets, etc.


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