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Power Generation & Auxiliaries

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Mohan Energy Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has been working for last 15 years in the Supply, Erection &
Commissioning of Power Generation Equipment and Auxiliaries. The company possesses
technical, financial and managerial capacity to supply and install these equipment & auxiliaries
to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. The company executes such projects in association
with qualified and reputed manufacturers.

Line of Services

Project Management /Field

Feasibility Study, Detailed System
Design and Formulation of Detailed
Project Report (DPR)

Supply of Equipment and

Testing & Commissioning

After sales service

Our Offerings

MEC provides both Gas / Steam based turbines for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Independent power producers and utility power stations
  • Rehabilitation of existing plants

As part of MEC’s initiative to explore greener alternatives for power generation, we executed a 60 KW BIOMASS POWER PLANT in GUINEA BISSAU in the year 2011 involving – Design, supply, installation & commissioning of the power plant using Cashew Shells as fuel.


Engine –Generator sets constitute the heart of a power plant. It is thus imperative to constantly find ways of improving its efficiency & finding environment friendly ways of generating power. Therefore, MEC offers good quality fuel based engines of the following types: –

  • High speed DG-sets with power ratings of up to 2000KVA
  • Medium Speed, DG-Sets-4-Stroke Engines with power ratings up to 5000 KVA and suitable to run on Furnace oil up to 700 cst viscosity have been provided.
  • Low speed, DG sets with power rating of up to 10 MVA have also been provided
  • MAN Dual-fuel engines – In this type, a pilot fuel mainly Diesel is used for the Ignition stroke which is followed by natural gas to provide the power stroke. These engines have the ability to run both on diesel and natural gas depending upon the availability, thus providing flexibility in case of shortage of either of the fuels.
  • MAN Bio-fuel engines– MEC also offers engines designed to operate on crude vegetable oils or animal fats. In addition to the benefits that come along with bio fuels the oils can typically be extracted with simple methods thereby reducing the CO2 emissions associated with the fuel production.

Switchgear is instrumental in serving important functions of providing protection and system stability. Hence it forms a crucial part of a power system and should be selected only after thorough research and analysis of the system requirements is done We provide state-of-the-art, robust HT/LT Switchgear panels with superior quality control and monitoring at every stage.


  • LV Switchgear – 400 & 600 V ratings
  • HV Switchgear – Indoor Switchgear of 3.3/6.6/11/33 kV ratings

MEC, backed by a strong team of site engineers, has the capability and expertise to provide the services for erection, rehabilitation, testing and commissioning of equipment for power generation.

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